Today, I am finally getting around to writing this very sad blog post: Before you take my DataCamp course please consider the following information about the sexual harassment scandal surrounding DataCamp!

UPDATE from April 26th: Yesterday, DataCamp’s CEO Jonathan Cornelissen issued an apology statement and the DataCamp Board of Directors wrote an update about the situation and next steps (albeit somewhat vague) they are planning to take in order to address the situation.

As many of my fellow instructors and community members have already written excellent articles about what happened, I am providing a collection of tweets and links below for you to judge the situation for yourself. All I have to add is that while I have no personal knowledge of ALL the details surrounding the incident, there are many prominent members of the community who have - and since I highly value their opinion and trust their judgement, I am supporting what has been said!

It’s making me very sad that my course, which I have put a lot of hard work into and which I was very proud of, and by association my name are now linked to this unfortunate situation. That’s why I have not been addressing any feedback messages on my course any more and will not do so for the foreseeable future. At the end of this post, I have collected some efforts to find alternatives for DataCamp courses. The contents of my own course will probably be converted to a series of blog posts.

What happened

In essence, after a broader group of instructors, including myself, were made aware of an incident of sexual harassment at DataCamp (which was followed by a lengthy struggle to get them to properly handle and own up to what happened), DataCamp made a “public” announcement:

The link to this community post can be found here, but…

And if that wasn’t enough:

Here are two excellent blogposts about this:

RStudio, R-Ladies and Women in Data Science and Machine Learning have published public statements, as well as many others:

Where to go from here

If you decide that you want to move away from DataCamp, here are some alternatives: