In our next MünsteR R-user group meetup on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 Jenny Saatkamp will give a talk titled Blog Mining: Deriving the success of blog posts from metadata and text data. You can RSVP here:

In our next MünsteR Meetup, Jenny Saatkamp will present her Blog Mining analysis, which is based on 1.500 blog posts from the codecentric company blog ( and makes use of different mining techniques for metadata and text data. The presentation is divided into two parts: First, new insights into the blog posts and their success is gained using metadata. Therefore, diverse methods and R-packages are used such as H2O automatic machine learning, lime, clustering and basic explorative statistics. The sources of metadata are the blog itself, Google Analytics and the SEO-Tool Ahrefs. Second, a text mining analysis is performed using the texts and titles of each blog post. You will learn about common preprocessing steps like stemming, removal of stop words and bag of words and how to visualize text data. As the text mining analysis is still in progress, Jenny might also be able to show you results of a machine learning algorithm that is able to derive the success of blog posts based on text data.

About the speaker: Jenny Saatkamp is currently studying business informatics at the University of Applied Science in Münster. She is a junior Data Scientist, but enthusiastic about it and has already done several Data Science projects in her study and internships. One of her projects is the presented analysis of metadata, which is the topic of her bachelor thesis. The text analysis is also a project as a part of her study.