Registration is now open for my 1.5-day workshop on how to develop end-2-end from a Keras/TensorFlow model to production.

It will take place on February 21st & 22nd in Berlin, Germany. The workshop will cost 950.00 Euro + MwST. We will start at 9 am on Thursday and finish around 3 pm on Friday.

Please register by sending an email to with the following information:

  • name
  • company/institute/affiliation
  • address for invoice
  • phone number
  • reference to this blog

The course material will be in English and we will speak a mix of German and English, depending on the participants’ preferences. You will get an email with detailed instructions about two weeks before the workshop.

(The same course will also be given on 11th & 12th of April, 2019 in Münster, Germany.)

In this workshop, you will learn

  • the basics of deep learning
  • what cross-entropy and loss is
  • about activation functions
  • how to optimize weights and biases with backpropagation and gradient descent
  • how to build (deep) neural networks with Keras and TensorFlow
  • how to save and load models and model weights
  • how to visualize models with TensorBoard
  • how to make predictions on test data
  • how to deploy models with Spotify Luigi and TensorFlow Serving