In our next MünsteR R-user group meetup on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019, titled Don’t reinvent the wheel: making use of shiny extension packages., Suthira Owlarn will introduce the shiny package and show how she used it to build an interactive web app for her sequencing datasets.

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Shiny is a popular R package for building interactive web apps and dashboards – no web development knowledge required! It’s ease-of-use and extendability makes it great for quick user-friendly presentations of toy projects as well as production-ready data products in various industries.

In our first 2019 meetup, Suthira Owlarn will briefly demo a prototype of BioDEV, a shiny app that addresses a common pain-point in dealing with biological (omics) data sets. It allows interactive and intuitive exploration of user-provided data sets, integration of external data and download of parameterized interactive reports. She will then talk about packages that extend shiny by providing a variety of user interfaces, more advanced user interactions or an application-testing framework. Finally, we will cover some useful tools that aren’t specific to shiny, including an easy way to turn shiny apps into self-contained desktop applications.

About the speaker:

Suthira Owlarn is a biologist at the Max Planck Institute in Münster. After finishing her PhD, she decided to learn a little R and immediately fell in love! Soon, she waved goodbye to the bench and is now having fun diving into the world of data analysis, exploring R packages and building shiny apps.