For those of you out there who speak German: I was interviewed for a tech podcast where I talked about machine learning, neural nets, why I love R and Rstudio and how I became a Data Scientist. You can download and listen to the podcast here: In der aktuellen Episode gibt Dr. Shirin Glander (Twitter, Homepage) uns ein paar Einblicke in das Thema Machine Learning. Wir klären zunächst, was Machine Learning ist und welche Möglichkeiten es bietet bevor wir etwas mehr in die Tiefe gehen.

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I have written another blogpost about Looking beyond accuracy to improve trust in machine learning at my company codecentric’s blog: Traditional machine learning workflows focus heavily on model training and optimization; the best model is usually chosen via performance measures like accuracy or error and we tend to assume that a model is good enough for deployment if it passes certain thresholds of these performance criteria. Why a model makes the predictions it makes, however, is generally neglected.

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I have written the following post about Data Science for Fraud Detection at my company codecentric’s blog: Fraud can be defined as “the crime of getting money by deceiving people” (Cambridge Dictionary); it is as old as humanity: whenever two parties exchange goods or conduct business there is the potential for one party scamming the other. With an ever increasing use of the internet for shopping, banking, filing insurance claims, etc.

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